About us


As a training center, our greatest asset is the quality of our teachers and instructors.
We have Captains and First Officers with more than 10,000 flight hours, alternating their work in airlines providing the most complete and current aeronautical know-how.
Future pilots will be under the supervision of this team.
This is our commitment, to provide the best education and training.


Give professional quality training to our future pilots and flight attendants in a global market environment.


We want to be a pioneer center and reference for aeronautical training candidates.



Dream Flyers has its training center in the city of Barcelona. We have a facility of 400 m2 over 2 floors fully equipped with the necessary equipment for our students to gain extensive and deep knowledge.

We have:

  • 3 bright spacious fully equipped classrooms
  • A room equipped with two ATC simulators-810 and a FNPT II MCC ALSIM AL200
  • A library with valuable aeronautical support
  • A staff room
  • A meeting room
  • A rest area
  • A large entrance



In Sabadell Airport (LELL), we have our flight operations base. Here we prepare our students before the flight (briefing) and, once completed, we analyze it with debriefing sessions.
The airport, cradle of aviation education in our country, has facilities of 3,000 m2, maneouvers zones within a few minutes from international airports, such as LEBL, LEGE, LERS...