New Flight Instructor FI (A) Course in Advanced Single Engine

New Flight Instructor FI (A) Course in Advanced Single Engine

This course is for those Professional Pilots who want to obtain the FI (A) License and work as a Flight Instructor.

Dream Flyers is the only school that teaches the FI Course with advanced single engine aircraft, providing a higher learning quality to the flight instructor pupil.


  • 18 years of age
  • Commercial Pilot License CPL (A)
  • Having flown 5 flight hours in the last 6 months before the course
  • Accomplishment of the skill test required to start the course

Course content

Flight Instruction:

  • 24 flight hours in advanced single engine aircraft (Piper Arrow PA28R-180 or Mooney M20J).
  • 1 flight hour in semiacrobatic aircraft (Cessna 152, Utility category).
  • 5 flight hours in simulator FNTP II (Alsim AL200).

Ground Instruction:

  • 125 hours including psychology, training classes, participatory discussions and applied instruction.

Licenses and Ratings you will obtain

  • FI (A) Flight Instructor License

Course information

Starting date:
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Number of places:

Course language:
English, Español

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