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Refresher Workshops for Instructors (CRI) (A)

At Dream Flyers we offer you the opportunity to Renew/Revalidate your Class Rating Instructor license (CRI) (A).


Issued when the applicant’s Class Rating Instructor (CRI) (A) license has not yet expired.


For revalidation, the applicant must, within the 12 months prior to the expiration date of the CRI certificate:

  • Carry out at least 10 hours of flight instruction as a CRI. If the applicant has CRI privileges on both multi-engine and single-engine aircrafts, the 10 hours of flight instruction shall be divided equally between multi-engine and single-engine aircrafts, or
  • Take a CRI refresher course at an ATO; or
  • Pass the proficiency assessment as per FLC.935 for single- or multi-engine aircraft, as applicable.

During at least one out of two revalidations of a CRI certificate, the holder shall comply with the requirements set out in  the last requirement.


Issued when the applicant’s Class Rating Instructor (CRI) (A) license has expired.


For renewal, if the instructor’s certificate has expired, the applicant must, within a period of 12 months prior to renewal:

  • Take a CRI refresher course at an ATO.
  • Pass a proficiency evaluation as per FCL.935.

The seminar lasts for 2 (two) full days, with an average of 8 (eight) hours per day; it consists of a review of the following subjects:

  • Teaching and Learning.
  • Teaching Techniques.
  • The Role of the Instructor.
  • National Regulations.
  • Human Factors.
  • Operational Safety. Prevention of incidents and accidents.
  • Airworthiness.
  • Legal concerns and application procedures.
  • Meteorology, including broadcasting methods.
  • Any additional items indicated by the competent authorities.
  • Structure and equipment for this class of aircraft, normal operation of the systems and failures.
  • Limitations of this type of aircraft.
  • Performance, Planning, and Flight Tracking.
  • Weight, Balance, and Servicing.
  • Emergency procedures for this type of aircraft.
  • Special requirements for “class-cabin” aircraft, if applicable.

Once the seminar has been completed satisfactorily and in full, the Head of Training (HT) at DREAM FLYERS will complete the form required by the competent authority for the revalidation and/or renewal of instructor certificates.

Training center approved by AESA

under EASA standard



Dream Flyers


Dream Flyers


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