FLIGHT SIMULATORS As the first school in Barcelona with the flight simulator (ALSIM ALX), we stand out in our field.
An all-around training solution tailored to your educational needs.

Simulador de vuelo


Students can be trained in several classes of aircraft using a single device: thanks to this “broader” approach, students become more competent in making the right decisions.

ALX students can be trained on several aircraft classes using only one device: thanks to this “wider” approach students become more competent to make the right decisions.

The ALSIM ALX simulator offers up to 4 classes of aircraft – from single engine piston, twin engine piston, twin turbine up to medium category twin jet (generic B737/A320).

Designed and approved for ATPL, CPL/MCC, JOC and pilot selection, the ALX offers advanced technology simulation equipment tailored to your training needs.

In addition, the ALX simulator has a proven track record for cost-effectiveness and helps save numerous aircraft hours.


The ALX is qualified according to the following standards:


  • EASA CS FSTD A-FNPT II for piston models
  • EASA CS FSTD A-FNPT II MCC for FAA AATD Reactor and Turboprop 61-136
  • TC TP9685E FTD Level 2 (+ IR renewal)

Simulador de vuelo


The ALSIM AL200 FNPT-II MCC simulator offers various classes of aircraft, such as TB-20 single-engine piston, BE-58 twin-engine piston, B-200GT turboprop.

Designed and approved for PPL, CPL, IR/ME, and MCC based on a perfect instrumentalization to perform IFR flights with automatic pilot and enabled for CAT-I.

The AL200 is qualified according to the following standards:

  • EASA (FNPT II) & FAA (AATD) compliant
  • TC: FTD Level 2