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Dream Flyers is involved to offer you comprehensive training of the best quality possible.
Here are some of the reasons why you should choose us to train in the aeronautical sector.

Each student receives personalized attention from instructors and advisors to ensure they can reach their full potential. The open door policy encourages students to seek help from our team to ensure they receive the support and feedback they need to be successful. In our academy we give an end-to-end approach to training processes. This gives us a global vision of the student’s progress with personalized attention, adapting to each situation, objectives and personal characteristics.
We are the first school in Barcelona with the ALSIM ALX flight simulator. Students will be trained in various aircraft classes using a single device. We have a large fleet of aircraft, with the necessary requirements to guarantee a successful training, and two simulators that complement the teaching in a professional way and thus adapt to the continuous progress in the world of aviation.
Our programs are designed to obtain high professional training according to the different requirements established by the companies in the sector, always attentive to the demands and new demands of the market. To achieve this we have a great team, with special attention to the selection of teachers and instructors. We are professionals who love teaching, fully dedicated to training or sharing our activity with other companies in the sector to ensure the most up-to-date and complete knowledge.
Dream Flyers has a wide fleet of aircraft fully adapted to the training and instruction of our students. Our fleet consists of several basic single-engine, advanced single-engine and twin-engine. Our programs are designed to obtain a high professional training according to the different requirements established by the companies of the sector, always attentive to the demands and new requirements of the market.
Dream Flyers is a team passionate about aviation and its teaching. We specialize in training professionals to have the tools and knowledge to have a solid career in aviation. Our main objective is to prepare qualified people for a changing and challenging future, where they will need multiple values, knowledge and skills.

Dream Flyers


Dream Flyers


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